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    Changzhou Jwell Extrusion Foaming Technology Co., ltd. is a company committed to the plastic sheet Extrusion molding equipment development, manufacturing of high-tech manufacturers

    PC PMMA Optic Sheet Extrusion ...
    PC PMMA Optic Sheet Extrusion Line

    To meet the demands of market, Shanghai JWELL supply customer PC PMMA optical sheet extrusion lines with advanced technol-ogy, the screws are specially designed according to the rheological property of raw material, precise melt pump system and T-die, which makes the extrusion melt is even and stable and the sheet has excellent optical performance. Precise calender system guarantees the mechanical & physical properties of sheets.

    ABS, HIPS,PMMA Refrigerator Pl...
    ABS, HIPS,PMMA Refrigerator Plate, Sanitaryware Plate Extrusion Line

    Shanghai JWELL provides the leading plate extrusion lines with large output and low energy consumption, the lines are equipped with concentrated material feeding system and automatical piler, its automatical production function reduce the cost of processing and improve product quality highly. This extrusion line is popular in our customers.

    HDPE Plate Extrusion line
    HDPE Plate Extrusion line

    Shanghai Jwell supply advanced extrusion system, it is suitable to produce HMW-HDPE material which have low MFI and high-strength into plate, the plates are mainly used to produce auto carriage board, pick-up's box liner, cover of truck, anti-rain cover etc. The plate thickness can reduce more than 30% when it has same impact strength, it reduce the production cost for manufacturers. Plate thickness 2-12mm, width 2000-3000mm.

    PVC、CPE Waterproof Sheet Extru...
    PVC、CPE Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line

    Jwell designed the screw structure specially for this type water-proof sheet's production formulation which includes the powder material with chlorine and its unstablity features. The extrusion line can produce homogenous type, reinforced type and backing lamination type water-proof sheet, combined with glue coating machine, it can also produce self-sticky type and pre-laid anti-sticky type products.

    HDPE、PP T-Grip Sheet / Water D...
    HDPE、PP T-Grip Sheet / Water Drainage Sheet Extrusion Line

    T-grip sheet is mainly used in basis construction concrete casting of the construction joints and deformation constitute the basis of engineering for the integration and joints of concrete, such as tunnel, culvert, aqueduct, dam, reservoir structures,un- derground facilities; Because of elastic deformation characteristics, people use it for seal up and impermeable of construction, features anti-erosion, good durability wear durableness. Product width 1000-3000mm, machine output 300-500kg/h.

    8m Geomembrane/Waterproof Shee...
    8m Geomembrane/Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line

    Refering to the special request of waterproof and geomembrane industry, Shanghai JWELL launched a high capacity extrusion line with low shear & energy consumption. The exclusive design of calender frame and roller structure are help- ful to higten the performance of extra-width geomembrane and precision of thickness.


    Changzhou Jwell Extrusion Foaming Technology Co., ltd. is another important development strategy of Shanghai Jwell company center, located in jiangsu liyang city of jiangsu zhongguancun science and Technology industrial park, is a plastic sheet Extrusion molding equipment research and development, manufacture of high-tech manufacturers. The factory covers an area of 400 mu, the company has a high-quality research and development team and experienced mechanical and electrical debugging engineer team, and advanced mechanical processing base and standardize the assembly shop. In line with the enterprise spirit of "diligently and persistently", the company constantly explores the development of new areas. Warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit our company, guide and cooperate with us. We are willing to provide you with strong after-sales service and all-round technical support.

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    In line with the enterprise spirit of "diligently and persistently", the company constantly explores the development of new areas.

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    Address:The Jwell industrial park, no. 118 shangshang road, liyang city, changzhou city, jiangsu province.
    E-mail: salmaf@jwell.cn

    Address:The Jwell industrial park, no. 118 shangshang road, liyang city, changzhou city, jiangsu province.



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